Embed Fixtures & Results Into Website


This article describes how to embed your competitions fixtures, results & ladders into your very own website.

Warning: Your Sportfix Profile must be activated first. Please see this help article. 

System Settings


Select 'System Settings' from the navigation bar

Copy Web Upload Script


  1. Select 'Web Upload Scripts' from the tab strip
  2. Copy contents of box into your clip board by highlighting the text and right click your mouse and select copy

Open your website

1. Open your business website administration area and modify the page you would like your results to be displayed
2. In the section where you would normally type your page content you should see an option or icon to view in HTML mode or source mode. Once you enter this view paste the contents your clip by right clicking in the area and selecting paste from the menu.
2a) Some system examples provided below

Note: As different websites use different technologies we are unable to provide exact steps

Example: Joomla


Click HTML button as shown in image. This will display a window where you can paste the code from your clipboard.
Click update to save your changes.
Save the page.

Example: Wordpress


1. Click HTML button as shown in image.
2. Paste the code from your clipboard into white content area
3. Save the page.



No competitions will display on your website until you have sync'd your competitions to the web


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