Sync Results to Web


This article describes how to sync your existing competitions to the web. If you have not already done so, start by reading the following how to article: Embed Fixtures & Results Into Website.

Go to Manage Competitons Screen


Click Competitions on the navigation bar and select Manage Competitions.

Select the relevant competitions


Select the relevant competitions within the table by using the filters available and tick the rows you wish to display online.

Sync to Web


On the navigation bar select Web > Sync selected to Web.

That is all you need to do to sync your competitions to the web.


When you make changes to your competitions such as modifying the fixture or entering results your competitions will need to be re-synced to reflect these changes.
You will notice helpful icons to tell you whether your data is in sync with the web by looking at the 'Web Sync' column in the table. If you see a green tick in this column then you know everything is in sync.

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