Changing the amount of teams in a fixture mid-season.


Sometimes it is inevitable that the fixture will change mid-season, and in most cases this is a nightmare for sports coordinators. Thankfully our software eases this process by providing a number of different solutions. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages and the best one really depends on your specific circumstances. 

Solution 1 - Use Automated Swap Functions

This is the cleanest way to add or remove a team from the fixture as the process is automated for you and the integrity of the fixture is retained. However these automated functions are only applicable to the following scenarios:

  1. Swap Team A with Team B in different Fixture. - This is useful when you have a weak team in a strong competition and a strong team in a weak competition.
  2. Replace a Withdrawal Team with a Bye.
  3. Replace a Team with a New Team. 
  4. Replace Bye with New Team.

To get started with swap functions see this help article.

Solution 2 - Delete parts of the fixture and then extend the fixture.

  1. Delete part of the fixture starting from the round of which the number of teams will change. 
  2. Add or Remove the team(s) from the competition. 
  3. Extend the fixture.

Please note that when adding or removing teams from a fixture there is a possibility that teams will be scheduled to play each other two weeks in a row when extending the fixture, this is because the amount of teams have changed. We have some tools in place to avoid this scenario see our blog article for more information. 

Solution 3 - Edit the Fixture

This solution requires the most amount of effort but gives you complete control. You can create, edit and delete matches from any round. 

Solution 4 - Delete the Entire Fixture & Recreate It.

This is the probably the easiest and most effective solution but it is really only applicable before the fixture has started or when the changes are at a very early stage. 


For additional info on this topic please see our Fixture Change Mid-Season video.  

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