Remove Team


A conscious decision was made to prevent the deletion of teams. We believe that a team should never be deleted, so that historical records can be maintained.

However, you have the ability to make a team inactive. To make a team inactive:

Click on Teams from the main menu

  1. Select the Team you wish to make inactive
  2. Change the status from Active to Inactive
  3. Click the Save button.


Once a team is made inactive they will no longer be visible in the system (Only for historical reports). To make a team active again please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Teams from the main menu
  2. Change the drop down value from Show current teams only to Show All Teams
  3. Select the inactive team. You will notice the team name is preceded by (NC) i.e. Non Current
  4. Change the status from Inactive to Active
  5. Click the Save button. 
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