Waiting for a Sportfix activation email?


To successfully create a Sportfix user account you will need to activate it.

Upon registration, an activation email will be sent to you. If you do not receive the email, please confirm the following:

  1. You've correctly entered your email address when registering an account.
  2. The email is not in your junk folder.

Once confirmed, if you still do not have an activation link, you can get the activation email re-sent to you by navigating to the sign in page: https://sportfix.net/account/login and entering your credentials. If your account is not activated the system will re-send an activation email for you.

If you fail to receive the secondary activation email then try registering with a different email address.

Finally, if you're still unable to get an activation email, get in touch with us at support@fixionline.com. 





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