Overriding the default match time by editing the fixture.


The match time for a competition is defined in the division settings, but sometimes you may need to change all the match times for a given week or you may have some sort of unique scenario that requires you to change the match time for a given match. 

  1. Start by navigating to the Edit Fixture screen for the fixture you would like to edit. 
  2. The edit fixture screen displays the competition details and the default match time - same as before. However there is now a new column for each row in the grid called Minutes
  3. To override the default value enter the match time in the minutes text box for the given match. 
  4. To revert back to the default value all you need to do is clear the text box so that it is empty. 
  5. Click the Save Fixture button to persist the changes you've made. 







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