Team Consolidation


In the case of having two teams which are the same, you can now use the team consolidation function to merge two teams together. A duplicate team may occur when a team has been created when that same team may have already existed in your FiXi database e.g. team played last season and team was created again accidentally for current season.


To consolidate a team:

  1. Navigate to the team which will retain all the original values and will become the primary team. (Note the other team will be deleted.) To do this click on Teams on the navigation bar, filter as required and click on the relevant team. 
  2. Click the consolidate button in the title bar.
  3. Browse for the team you wish to consolidate with.

  4. Click Consolidate Teams.

When you consolidate a team the following will be happen:

  • Import players of other including status and player no. If customer already exists in the primary team the customer will be ignored.
  • Import team admins from other team.
  • Import ladder and linked competitions for ladder points and other stats.
  • Import all notifications sent to team and players.
  • Import notes.
  • Import team payments, registration payments, season fees and any other financials.
  • Update calendar allocations to use the primary team.
  • Adds a note against both teams for logging purposes.
  • Delete the secondary team.

The following will not be merged:

  • Team preferences of secondary team.


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