Sending Team Notification


To manage team notification, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to the Teams option in the Navigation Menu.

The Teams page will be displayed.

2.  Click the name link of the team that you wish to edit from the All Teams List.

The Team Overview page of the selected team will be displayed.

3.  Navigate to the Notification Alert tab.

The Notification Alert section of the page will be displayed.

It has the following fields.

Field Description Example
Credits Available Refers to the number of credits available. 0.00
Cost Per SMS Refers to the cost of per SMS to buy. 1.30
Notification Type Refers to the type of the notification. Announcement
Competition Refers to the name of the competition. Soccer
Player Selection Refers to the players who are participating in the game. --------
SMS Content Refers to the content of the SMS. --------

4.  You can buy the credits by clicking the Buy Credits button in the Credits Available field.

5.  Select the type of the notification from the Notification Type drop down list. The available options are Announcement and Match Update.

6.  Select the required competition from the Competition drop down list.

7.  Enter the content of the SMS in the SMS Content text entry box. You can also use the existing templates.

8.  Click the Send Notification button.

The message box asking you to confirm the sending of the notification will be displayed.

9.  Click the OK button.

The notification alert will be send to the team members.

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