Adding Team Registration Payment


To add the team registration payment, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to the Teams option in the Navigation Menu.

The Teams page will be displayed.

2.  Click the name link of the team that you wish to edit from the All Teams List.

The Team Overview page of the selected team will be displayed.

3.  Navigate to the Financials tab.

The Financials section of the page will be displayed.

4.  Select the Team Registration Payment option from the Functions drop down list.

The New Team Registration Payment dialog will be displayed.

It has the following fields.

Field Description Example
Competition Refers to the competition to which the team financial is associated with. Soccer
Total Registration Fee Due Refers to the total registration fee due for round. $200.00
Total Paid Refers to the total paid amount. $0.00
Amount Outstanding Refers to the outstanding amount. $0.00
Amount to Pay Refers to the fee amount to be paid by the team. $100.00

5.  Select the competition to which the team financial is referred to, from the Competition drop down list.

6.  The Total Registration Due, Total Paid and Amount Outstanding fields are automatically populated based on the Competition you selected.

7.  Enter the fee amount to be paid in the Amount to Pay text entry box.

8.  Click the Insert button.

The new team registration payment will be added.

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