Viewing and Exporting Fixture


To view and export fixture, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to the Calendar option in the Navigation Menu.

The Calendar page will be displayed.

2.  Click the name link of the fixture, the details of which you wish to view and export.

The Results dialog will be displayed.

3.  Click the View Fixture button.

The Fixture Printer dialog will be displayed.

4.  To print the details of the ladder, configure your printer accordingly and then click the Print ( ) button.

5.  To export, select the type of the format from the Export to the Selected Format drop down list. The available options are Acrobat (PDF) File, CSV (Comma Delimited), Excel 97-2003, Rich Text Format, TIFF File and Web Archive.

6.  Click the Export button.

The records will be exported to your computer in the selected format.

Note:This can be done in bulk across many competitions from the Reports area.

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