Signing Up for Trial Version


To sign up for trial version, follow the steps given below.

1.   Open the browser and navigate to

The FiXi Home page will be displayed.

 2.   Click the Start Free Trial button.

The Sign Up page will be displayed.

It has the following fields.

Field Description Example
Company Refers to the name of your company. TechVriksha
Courts Refers to the number of courts. 4
First Name Refers to the first name of the user. John
Last Name Refers to the last name of the user. Mattox
Email Refers to the email address of the user.
Phone Refers to the phone number of the user. 444-454-5784
Country Refers to the country name of the user. India
Time Zone Refers to the time zone of the country. (UTC+06:00)
User Name Refers to the user name to login into the system. JohnMattox
Password Refers to the password to login into the system. *******

3.   Enter the name of your company in the Company text entry box.

4.   Enter the number of courts in the Courts text entry box.

5.   Enter the first name in the First Name text entry box.

6.   Enter the last name in the Last Name text entry box.

7.   Enter the email address in the Email text entry box.

8.   Enter the phone number in the Phone text entry box.

9.   Select the name of the country from the Country drop down list.

10.   Select the time zone from the Time Zone drop down list.

11.   Enter the user name that you wish to use, to log into the system, in the User Name text entry box.

12.   Enter the password in the Password text entry box. The password requirements are

  • Should contain at least a character;
  • Should contain at least a number (0-9);
  • Should contain at least one Letter (a-z);
  • Should contain Letters, Numbers or punctuation only [! @#$^&*()-=_]

13.   Click the Submit button.

The new account will be created.



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