Changing Your Password


To change your password, follow the steps given below.

1.   Click the <User Name> on the top right section of the screen.

My Details page will be displayed.


2.   By default, your username and email id will be automatically populated in the Username and Email fields.

3.   Enter the current password of your account in the Current Password text entry box.

4.   Enter the new password that you wish to log into the system, in the New Password text entry box. The password requirements are

  • Should contain at least a character;
  • Should contain at least a number (0-9);
  • Should contain at least one Letter (a-z);
  • Should contain Letters, Numbers or punctuation only [! @#$^&*()-=_]

5.   Confirm the password by re-entering the same in the Verify Password text entry box.

6.   Click the Save button.

Your password will be changed.

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