Multiple Byes Per Round.



A "normal" fixture only has one bye per round if there are an uneven amount of teams. This is created automatically by the system. 

There are circumstances where you may want to have multiple byes per round, that is, when you have more matches than the available amount of court space. There is no easy way to automate this process and for this reason this functionality has not been implemented into FiXi.

This article discusses one possible workaround for this problem in a few easy steps. Lets assume the following: 

  • Number of teams = 8 
  • Number of matches = 4 
  • Number of courts = 1 
  • Match Duration = 30 Minutes
  • Start Time = 8:00 PM
  • End Time = 9:30PM 
  1. Create a new team, name it "BYE2" and add it into the competition so that you now have 9 teams participating.  
  2. Create a new Fixture. You will need to set the end time to 10:00PM even though a match will not be played at 9:30, this is because the system will treat Bye2 as another team.  
  3. Since there is now an uneven amount of Teams, the fixture will automatically create the "BYE".
  4. The fixture should now look something like this:
  5. Notice that the Bye created by the system is not allocated a time or court. The same is not held true for Bye2, it is treated as a team. 
  6. For each round change the team from "Bye2" to "Bye". Doing this will remove the allocation and treat it as a normal bye. 
  7. You should now have 2 byes for each round. You will need to move the time slots around so that the 8:00, 8:30 & 9:00 time slots are occupied i.e. instead of 9:30. This can easily be achieved using the arrows: 
  8. The last issue is that there will be a few rounds (depending on the total number of rounds) where a bye will be scheduled to play another bye. How you deal with this is entirely up to you as there is no set formula. 
  9. Save the Fixture. 










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