New Fixture - Matches Spanning Multiple Days Per Round


To create a Fixture where each round spans multiple days you must create an Advanced Fixture. 

  • Navigate to Competitions -> Court Availability.
  • Select a competition i.e. SportDivision and Season
  • Once a competition is selected the courts for that competition will be added to the grid.

  • Navigate to the Start Date of the competition by clicking the down icon next to where it says today.

  • Double click anywhere on the grid and a new popup will appear.
  • Select the Start Time, End Time and Court
  • Select the Recurrence check-box. 
  • Leave the default recurrence options.
  • Add the additional days you would like the competition to be played on. Your screen should look similar to the image below: 

  • Click on Save
  • You will now notice an allocation has been added to the grid. 
  • If the competition is played on multiple courts you will need to repeat this process i.e. for each court.
  • Up until this point all we have done is allocated time and resources for a particular competition. 
  • To create the Fixture navigate to: Competitions -> Manage Competitions
  • Select the competition i.e. Season, Sport & Division
  • Select New -> New Fixture from the sub menu. 
  • A new dialog will appear. Select the Advanced Fixture radio button. 
  • Enter the Start Date of the fixture, the Start Round and End Round. Your screen should look similar to the one below: 

  • Click on Create Fixture
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