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I have recently downloaded the FiXi app on my Iphone so that I can see what
the clients see and ensure they are receiving the information that I think
they are. Upon searching for my centre's sports listings, I could only find
old fixtures for competition's seasons that are well out of date. I was
hoping that you could help me to locate the match listings for the current
competitions and the best way to keep them up to date so that I can provide
the best service to my customers as possible using your product.





Hi Lee,

Firstly, thanks for contacting us.

What displays within the iPhone app is what competitions you have sync’d to the web. My first suggestion would be to remove all old competitions that are sync’d to web by following these instructions .
Once you have removed everything from being sync’d you can go ahead and sync your current competitions by following these instructions .
Lastly to find out what you have sync’d to the web (what your customers can see) have a read through this article which describes the steps.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.



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