Send Recurring Competition Notification


Navigate to the notifications page


  1. Select Administration from the main menu.
  2. Select Notifications from the fly out menu.

Navigate to the competition notification (schedule) page


  1. Select the Schedules tab.
  2. Click the Add New Schedule button. This will redirect you to the competition notification (schedule) page.

Enter scheduling details


  1. Select how often you would like the schedule to run.
  2. Select the start date of the schedule.
  3. Select the time the schedule should run.
  4. Select the date the schedule should finish. (If you are unsure when you want the schedule to stop running select the Ongoing radio button.)
  5. By default the schedule will send out messages for matches played the day after it is run. You can change this behaviour by changing the value in the text box.

Filter recipients


  1. Select the competitions you would like to receive the notification. (If you manually select the competitions be sure to tick the relevant checkboxes in the drop down list).
  2. Select the team members to receive the notification.

Enter content & send message


  1. Enter the message content. Follow this lesson on how to insert Dynamic Content or alternatively follow the Notification Templates lesson to use an existing notification template. 
  2. Click the Save Schedule button


How do I see a list of my running schedules?

Follow this lesson on how to view a list of running schedules.


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