There are many scoresheet templates within FiXi, this tutorial describes how to specify which template to use.

Click Settings > Divisions


Scoresheets are definded against each division. To change your template click 'Settings' in the navigation bar and then 'Divisions'

Find Your Division


  1. Select your sport of which your division is associated with
  2. Click 'Edit' for the applicable division you wish to define a scoresheet template for.

Select Template


Change the dropdown of the 'Scoresheet' field to select the correct template.

Print Scoresheet


Click Administration > Reports in the navigation bar.


  1. Under 'Competitions' select 'Scoresheets'.
  2. Define your filters
  3. Specify Match Date
  4. Generate Report

'Include player names & shirts' - this will print all the players names in the scoresheet automatically so you dont need to manually hand write players name
'Only Print Eligable Players' - using the division setting value of how many matches they must play before they are eligable for finals. This option will only be used for finals time if you want to exclude inelibable players based on their attendance.

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