Finals Fixtures


This article describes the process of creating a finals fixture for an existing competition. Before you are able to complete a finals fixture you must already have an existing season fixture.

Manage Competitions


Select 'Manage Competitions' from the navigation bar

Select competitions


Select your competition you would like to fixture by
1. select season of which your competition resides
2. select the relevant competition you would like to create a finals fixture for.


New Finals Fixture


Click New on the navigation bar and select 'New Finals Series'

Finals Series Options


A new modal window will be displayed

Section 1 asks you specify if you want to do a 'Basic' or 'Advanced' fixture. In this lesson we will be focusing on the Basic fixture type.

Section 2:

  • Select your final series format. The are many finals formats to select from.
  • You need to specify the start date of when your finals will begin. This will be the date round 1 of finals will be played. Each subsequent round will be 1 week from that date. If you wish to start finals straight after the last round of season fixture then select 'Begin immediately after season fixture' tickbox.
  • Tick the box to automatically skip public and/or school holidays. Note that you need to have created these holidays in the settings area

Section 3:

  • Specify what time your first match should start
  • Specify what time your last match can finish.
  • Specify what courts this competition can play on

Click Create Fixture Series button.

Using these parameters FiXi will allocate times based on the format you specified. The teams will not be populated into each match until ALL results have been entered for the season fixture. Once you enter the last results FiXi will ask if you would like to populate the finals fixture, selecting yes will populate the teams.


Print Fixtures

Follow this lesson on how to print out fixtures





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