New Casual Booking




Click Calendar on the navigation bar.

New Booking


Click New Booking on the title bar. A new window will be displayed to submit your data.

Customer Details


When creating a booking the allocation must be stored against a customer. You can proceed by either completing the new customer form or selecting an existing customer.

Booking Details


  1. Select the sport for which this allocation will be used for. This is used to determine which resources can be used.
  2. Select the resources that will be used for this allocation
  3. Select the date for this allocation (this will default to the date in which you started from)
  4. Specify your start time and end time
  5. Specify Fee. This amount will be added against the customer and will tracked.
  6. If the customer has already made a payment for the allocation you can specify the amount. If not, payments can be made later and this field should be left as 0.
  7. The default sport colour will be used selected by default. However, you do have the ability to override it for this allocation
  8. Specify attendees. This value is used for reporting purposes.
  9. Specify any Recurrence of this allocation



If you wish to have this allocation repeated on a recurring basis then you can tick this box.
Recurrence means that using this same customer and options specified repeat this for the specified period.



Save your allocation by clicking Save Booking at the top of the window.
The page will refresh the calendar to display your allocation on the date specified.

Please note that if you changed the allocation date from its original value you will need to navigate to that date using the date selector search on the calendar.

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