Accept upfront season payments by some teams and round by round payments by other teams within the same competition.


In the division settings there are two options options when it comes to match payments. You can choose to set a season fee i.e. for competitions where teams will pay for the entire competition up front or alternatively you can choose to set a round fee so teams can pay on a round by round basis. 

If you would like to accept an upfront payment by some teams and round by round payments from others then only set the Round Fee in the division settings. The season fee should be set to 0.

If you then go ahead and create a fixture for the competition every team will owe the round fee ($60.00 in the above example) before the beginning of every round. For the teams you that would like to accept the entire season fee up front all you need to do is enter the total amount as a round fee payment. If we assume that a 10 round fixture is created you would enter: $600 i.e. the round fee ($60.00) x Amount of Rounds (10). 

As you can see when an entire season fee amount is entered for a team a negative value is displayed in the overdue column. This means the team is in credit and the amount will reduce every week by $60.00 until the season is complete. 

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